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In Collaboration with

A collaborative project with artist and scholar, Donna Dodson,  along with student interns from Brandeis and Lesley Art + Design are creating a short animation as part of Dodson’s Fulbright project. The film will reflect on the state of U.S. national politics and its effect on intersectional gender inequality, climate change, and economic inequity as well as creating new iconography of/for female empowerment based on Donna's Sculpture series,Amazons Among Us

Sculpture, Alpha Female, by

Donna Dodson

Apha Female.JPG

Donna Dodson’s ALPHA FEMALE Inspired by her Great Aunt is digitized and animated in the software program Maya by Trina Baker. The acting is incorporated by the pop culture feminine icon Wonder Woman, in the television series acted by Lynda Carter in the 1970’s and with Gal Gadot’s performance in Wonder Woman 1984, 2020. Wonder Woman was selected because she "fights for Freedom, equality and Justice for all".  The textured background is filled with words, inspired by Melchor Hall's poetry and descriptions of Wonder Woman from pop-culture graphic novels and movies, in addition to descriptive attributes of Athena, the tattoo on Alpha Female’s leg.  Alpha female is a modern Amazonian Woman Warrior without needing to be a sex symbol.  She embodies the Suffragettes that fought for the right to vote,  women who attended college at the turn of the century, women who fought for the right to contraception and the right to be at the head of the table as Leaders, CEOs, and Presidents.

 Power up of Character, Alpha Female

Lighting and Rendering and physics, other

 Power up of Character, Black Panther

3D Animation Aimee Ham 

Lighting and Rendering, other

 Power up of Character, Cybele

3D Animation Siana Digregorio

Lighting and Rendering and physics, other

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